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My experience with the Knight School has brought me into contact with a number of different technologies. Dr. Neale offered a number of classes that taught me a number of techniques.  He taught both the introductory and advanced level course of Digital Productions, which showed the student how to edit audio tracks as well as video files.  Dr. Neale was very knowledgeable of his field, and I remember how easy he made editing seem.  While he was successful in teaching us the tedious task of editing, he was not able to pass on his own years of experience that allowed him to edit with ease.  Throughout my time at Queens, I had a number of different opportunities to utilize my editing skills.  I learned how to use a Green Screen to project my own backgrounds, and used it in a class project that created a satirical news show called “Queens News”.  I have also created news broadcasts that discussed the horrors of the Gaza Strip for Middle Eastern Media. 

Despite the number of editing techniques that I learned, the most important lessons that the Knight School taught me were about different ways to use technology that I was already familiar with.  Dr. MacArthur teaches a number of courses at Queens, and he continuously brings a level of enthusiasm and passion to his classes that few professors can match.  One of his courses, Integrated Strategic Communication was one of my favorites.  Dr. MacArthur continually challenged his student’s to think outside of the box; to find new ways to use the same technology that his student’s were already familiar with.  Before this class, I thought that websites like Facebook and Twitter were strictly for socializing, posting photos, or discovering new music.  However, Dr. MacArthur forced me to register a Twitter account, and then use it for his class.  Part of the assignment was to follow different news stations to compare their different coverage of the same story.  More importantly than learn a new way to read the news, Dr. MacArthur’s continued stress of the importance of perspective helped me understand that for a local business, Facebook isn’t merely a forum for free advertising, it is a virtual community to represent their business.

These editing and perspective skills have been very important to my education, but will prove even more important to my future.  After I graduate next fall, I will be looking for a new job. I am not entirely sure what I want to do, but I know that I want to enter into the field of Public Relations or Marketing.  This is a rapidly changing field, and those that wish to stay current need to be constantly looking for the newest forms of communication.  My professors didn’t just teach me how to make a Facebook profile for a business, but they taught me about how to think about using new technology.  Rather than obsessing over the newest developments, I understand that individuals should be concerned with how to most effectively use these new technologies. 


Posted February 21, 2013 by Big Man's Research Adventures in Comm 306

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