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The FDA met with board of advisors recently to discuss whether or not the cancer treatment drug Avastin should remain approved for treating Breast Cancer.  This was a very emotional hearing, as there were two full days of testimonies from doctors, patients, and family members of those that have taken Avastin for Breast Cancer.  The FDA has not officially repealled Avastin’s Breast Cancer treatment status yet, but the board of advisors tallied in with a unanimous 6-0 against the drug.


What is strange is that the FDA usually follows the advice of their advisors, as evidence to the recent Four Loko craze.  The advisors vetoed the use of Avastin for Breast Cancerin 2008, but the FDA decided to approve it anyway.  Part of the reason why the FDA approved the use of Avastin for Breast Cancer was because of it’s good track record of helping treating lung, colon, and brain cancer.

Avastin will still be available for commercial use for other treatment methods, but many insurance companies will most likely not cover it for the use of Breast Cancer.  This means that an average year of treatment cou


ld cost about $100,000 which would make it virtually obtainable for most families.  The drug itself is supposed to prolong the advancement of the cancer for an average of 5.5 months, but in this instance, many patients that were on the drug experienced heart attacks, high blood pressure, and bleeding.

It is unfortunate that a drug that has helped so many people will not work for some.  I think that it is crazy that something that helps lung, colon, and brain cancer doesn’t work for something like breast cancer.  This seems discouraging that scientists are close to finding a cure to the disease that has claimed so many lives of people around the world.,0,5052968.story


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