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For the lab 11 assignment I decided to research Nike.  Nike is one of the largest sports equipment retailers in the world, and they have created an international empire.  Nike has shown great skill in their marketing campaigns and excel in nearly every facet. 

Online marketing, television brand integration, buzz marketing, and sports teams are all areas in which Nike excels in.  They have at least 10 different Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles which all tailor to a specific aspect of Nike (lifestyle, general fitness, or specific sports).  This creates a huge online presence, and combined with the trend culture of Twitter, Nike is able to effectively produce am ungodly ammount of buzz marketing.  At the last world cup, Nike was the most recognized/referenced brand there, and they were not even an official advertising sponsor. 

Nike has developed a line of television commercials that are all available on a function called Nike TV.  This is sort of like a database of all of their best commercials that are available for instant viewing.  The commercials are also broadcasted on television frequently, and are specifically tailored depending on the sporting event that is on TV.

Nike’s masterful marketing techniques have earned them a spot at the top of the corporation food chain. Compared to competitor brand Under Armor, Nike might as well be like McDonalds and Under Armor is like Burger King… it just isn’t the same.  Those that work in the marketing department at Nike have definitely found their target audience, and they are even better at finding new audiences.






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  1. Nike was a great company to use here Brandon. I really liked how you described the different ways that the company uses social media to advertise. In the sports world Nike is a very popular name. I was surprised to see them keep sponsoring Tiger Woods. I know he is a sound super star and also a very famous name, but after the occurrences from last year they could do without him. When I think of Nike now I think of Tiger, and that portrays a negative light in my opinion.

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