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So you have decided to take Comm 306 eh?  Good decision and I promise that if you stick with and put in genuine effort, you won’t regret it.  This is a class that really stretches your ability to think critically, add a certain creative flair that will help your work stand out from everybody elses, as well as testing your close reading skills.  While this might sound a bit unnerving at first, don’t worry I will share some advice with you that helped me succeed in the class.

  1. Stay on top of the workload- The hardest part about this class is the freedom that you are given.  You can complete assignments at your own pace and Dr. McArthur will still give you credit for them, but that will leave you with a staggering amount of work to do at the end of the session/semester.  That and you will loose points from the weekly upkeep section on your blog
  2. Read the entire chapter (including the examples)- There is a reason why the majority of the assigned homework is chapter reading notes.  The chapters themselves provide a lot of great examples that will help you with other assignments in the class, and if you take notes as you go, then you basically have a study guide for the exams as well!
  3. When the prompt suggests creativity, don’t be afraid to try something new- This class provides some great opportunities to get your hands dirt, metaphorically speaking of course. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or to include different types of media in your presentations.  Even if your attempt isn’t the best work, Dr. McArthur will apreciate you testing your limits and trying something new.
  4. Read the articles and posts that Dr. McArthur provides you with- Dr. McArthur is definitely a pro at all things involving media and communications.  I have asked him probably a million different questions this summer term, and he has always provided quick, friendly, and helpful responses to my questions.  He also posts a lot of helpful informationt that will help you with your blogs.
  5. Put your best effort into all of the assignments- Don’t just try to finish all of the projects, actually put effort into them.  You will be surprised with what you end up with.  If you put your best effort into the class, then at the end of the semester/term you will have an awesome portfoio that you can use if you are trying to get a job in Media Communication.

For some helpful tips check out some of these links:



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