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It seems like such a long time ago when we first started this class.  I can tell that I have progressed a lot because I didn’t even mention strategic communication in my post… whoops.  However, I do know that I didn’t have much of a definition for it, it was something along the lines of “carefully considering the wording of a specific message”.  I was pretty much dead wrong.  Now that the class is pretty much done, I realize that strategic communication is more of specifically tailoring a message that will have the most likelyhood to influence a targeted audience.  While there is much more to strategic communication then just one sentence, I would say that is a pretty decent way to summarize it. 

I think that the most beneficial part of this class was the blog.  By reiterating what I read in each chapter, and completing lab assignments and ISC topics that required creative thinking, I think that really applied what we were learning to a real life example of how strategic communication is done.  I know that I really enjoyed the lab assignments the most because it allowed for a certain aspect of creativity and freedom that weren’t really there in the chapter notes section. 

Some of the skills that I frequently used throughout the course of this class were close reading, analytical thinking, creativity, as well as organization.  I think that the organization part was the most important for me.  With so many different types of assignments all due at the same time, it was important for me to write out what was due each week, so that I could keep track of what I had already completed.  After organization, I thought that creativity was the most important skill to utilize.  With all of the projects that included media presentations or one page visuals, I needed to think of a way that would say everything that I was trying to say without boring people to death.



Posted June 29, 2011 by Thinking&Drinkin in ISC Topics

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