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When I found out that we had to make a Twitter account for this class I was very skeptical.  I didn’t really think that Twitter was very significant, and I thought of it as just another way for teenagers to say that they are bored online.  Part of my initial reaction to the assignment was because I had already tried to make a Twitter account, and I didn’t really see any point to it.

I think that the main reason why I quit Twitter was because I wasn’t using it to be helpful and to spread information, I was basically using it as another Facebook status update.  However, when we started the week of Tweeting, I purposefully waited for others to start so that I could get an idea of how they were using this account.  Much to my surprise, and pleasure, this was not just mindless meaningless babble, but it was actually stimulating. 

When I first started my account for #comm306, I wasn’t really sure where to start.  I mean, how can you pick one story out of everything on the Internet, and then summarize it in less that 140 characters!  I thought that my tweets would take no more than 15 minutes to complete, but my first 10 probably took me about an hour each.  While that seems excessive, I was trying to ensure that I didn’t polute the tweet-osphere with more junk. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my time on Twitter.  It is something that you need to take an active interest to get anything out of it.  Just like school, you only get out of it what you put into it.  I think that I am going to continue tweeting, but I think that I will probably change the name so that people don’t think that I am just doing this for class credit.  I’m not saying that I am going to be posting 4 things a day, but I will definitely attempt to continue providing the world with what I deem interesting or funny.!/Harris216/status/85728730353381376!/Harris216/status/85392663544725504


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  1. I concur! I had considered Twitter before this project and it seemed pointless. As a Facebook user, I was just like you, how is this going to work in 140 characters? But as the time went on I could see the draw, the character limits made you get to the point. Most of the news articles that I read were easily linked and it took no time to update. Since we were doing it for class I followed a lot of news organizations and it was actually pretty informative. I haven’t used the account since I got my quota filled but I am not as adamant about closing it as I was when I started. I might tweet you next semester 

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