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Just as chapter 19 provided an in depth look at one of the darkest parts of being a public relations professional, chapter 5 thoroughly examines the more day to day operations of what it means to work in Public Relations.  This chapter was full of information from the expectations and responsibilities from a public relations professional, all the way to how much money they make per year, ( and I can’t say that six figures a year is too bad).  It is unlikely that anybody would be working for a company that finds itself in a catastrophe too often, because they would probably go out of business.  Needless to say, it is nice to know the more normal functions that the job entails.

I loved the section that stated out the basic needs/responsibilities needed to succeed in the public relations world.  Listed on page 90-91, Seitel provides his reader audience with a great look at a realistic job description.  While the list boasts 16 different aspects of work, many of those items listed consist of “managing relations”.  I think that it would be a wonderful opportunity to actually pursue Public Relations as a career.  The fact that many of the listed responsibilities require coordinating skills between multiple parties sounds like it would be such an interesting and fun job.  There would be no monotony that so many Americans experience everyday with their own cubicle, 9-5 jobs.

By regulating nearly every fasset of communication that is associated with the specific company, you would essentially be the hero of the company.  Obviously the CEO will still be making the most statements on the news and such, but many times it falls on the shoulders of the public relations specialist to handle the press as well as the public.  This would give the specialist a certain amount of authority and power like few jobs yield.  Not to say that I am motivated and driven by power, but the acknowledgement of a job well done is what I look for the most.  I think that it would be such an incredible way to work, constantly communicating with multiple sources, planning events and fundraisers, arranging photo spreads for the company website, there is so much to do that there would be little to no opportunity to become bored!


Posted June 28, 2011 by Thinking&Drinkin in Reading Notes

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