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Chapter 20, the final chapter.  It is a little bitter sweet to be honest, I have grown so used to reading through everything that Seitel had to say about public relations, and now it is all but over. However, even in his final chapter, Seitel continued to show his characteristic sense of humor, followed by a plethora of real world examples.

I absolutely loved the last survey that he included.  For any that may have forgotten or taken the same infatuation that I did, basically 97 of the top public relation specialists in the country and determined the seven most significant factors to success in public relations.  Seitel states:

” 1. Diveristy ofexperience 2. Performance 3. Communication skills

4. Relationship Building 5. Proactivity and Passion 6. Teamliness

7. Intangibles” (405-411). 

I think that this is probably the most helpful part of this entire book, I mean what could be better than the advice from 97 of the most esteemed professionals in the field?  Seeing that list really gave me a realistic thought that I could actually become a successful public relations professional.

While I loved the list of traits survey, I thought that the three consecutive pages of Position Descriptions was a little overkill.  It is great to have that kind of exposure to the real working world, but I felt as if it were too much information just thrown at the reader.  I feel like Seitel could have used a little more creativity by perhaps adding comments directly onto the page, or highlighting certain parts that distinguished the different levels of work.  While he later acknowledges the key points and differences from the entry level employee and the more distinguished senior manager, I feel like it would have been more effective and interactive had he spruced up the bland descriptions.

For whatever reason I just thought of the idea to check out Frasier Seitel online, just to see what kind of credentials he has.  Not to say that I thought that he was wrong, or posing as an imposter, but I thought it would be interesting to see what he has achieved himself.  A quick wikipedia search later, I found that Seitel has a very impressive track record indeed, and he currently resides as the President of the Emerald Partners, a successful communications management firm founded in 1992.

Thanks for the lesson Mr. Seitel, it has been a pleasure learning from you.


Fraser P. Seitel, public relations extraordinaire


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  1. Great video at the end. I love that I finally got to hear the man who has essentially been teaching me about the subject say something. I would love to hear his opinion on preparing for a job interview. Without world of work, I would have no idea what to think about going into the work world.

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