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This was in my opinion the best chapter so far.  I haven’t ever given much thought to the Internet, probably because it has been around for the majority of my life.  However, this chapter has really turned me on to how much the Internet has changed life as we know it.  There are so few things that really can say that.  When you look back to history some of the biggest developments in culture can be attributed to things like Television or the nuclear bomb.

After reading this chapter, I began to reflect on my own usage of the Internet.  My biggest chunk of Internet usage would be Facebook, shocking I know.  I would estimate that I spend about three hours a day total with Facebook on average.  Followed by Facebook would be information obtaining.  That sounds a little vague, but usually it is to look up sports statistics, models of cars, finding and downloading new music, and online shopping.  When I think of how revoltionary this invention truly is, I can’t help but think that I might be wasting it’s potential.

However, after reading the chapter I realize that I am not wasting this glorious portal of communication, but I am utilizing it to the fullest.  When I have a need for information, whether that is for a homework assignment, what time a movie is playing, streaming the latest greatest song in the world, it doesn’t matter!  I have the neccesary tools to find everything and more that I want on the web.  That is the whole purpose of the Internet, to be able to find information at a rapid pace, and then to share what you’ve found with the rest of the online community.

The way that clothing retailers, athletes, corporations, politicians, celebrities, and just about everybody else has embraced the Internet, and created their own online identities, it gives credit to the way that we use the Internet.  Just about every web page that you visit has at least three different advertisements hovering the edge of the window.

We all remember how much of a presence Obama had on the Internet in 2008

What I like the best is the way that technicians have designed the Internet to remember what you search, while it does foreshadow an Orwellian nightmare… I think that we are a long way from that (at least another 20 years at the rate we are going now haha), but when websites like Pandora remember your favorite type of music, and then make a new suggestion based off of your likes, or just how Netflix makes recommendations based off of what you view, it just shows the brilliancy behind the Internet.

An innovative way to watch and stream movies, Netflix has changed the way that people watch movies


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