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Advertising is everywhere.  Just as Seitel says in his chapter on “Integrated Marketing Communications”, there is no place that is not worth advertising on.  While you may have a handful of truly ridiculous places (like permanent tattoos on your own body for a sponsor), there is an undeniable flow of rampant advertising that has become synonymous with American consumerism.  While anybody that has access to a newspaper, Internet, or a television (which is pretty much anybody) can tell you how many adverts clutter that specific form of media, it is interesting to read Seitel’s chapter on advertising.

What makes things interesting is that Seitel takes on a new prespective when relaying information to his readers.  As a student, I have no idea why a professional firm would make the decisions that they do, or why they spend so much money on one style of publicity.  Hence why Seitel’s chapter is informative and exciting.  With such sections as ‘Product Publicity’ and ‘Building a Brand’ the reader has an opportunity to understand just how certain companies like Nike or McDonalds have become such huge corporations that they are today.

The Nike swoosh

There is no denying that businesses have firmly established a connection between their products and our perceived way of life.  As Seitel says in the conclusion of his chapter, that as long as exectutives are seeing profits as a result of advertising, there will continue to be advertisements everywhere.  Just think of New York City, Times Square is literally a giant advertisement!  There are signs for companies, broadway shows, restaurants, you name it and it is there!




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