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This chapter seemed like a culmination of what Seitel has been talking about in his other chapters.  As we have moved on with our semester, the topics have become more and more diversified, discussing the way that businesses must be more aware of their local populations and cultures, to the different needs of citizens from their governments, and now to the different uses of public relations in different countries around the world.  I especially like the tie in to the theory that the world is now a global village to the use of public relations.

The Internet has made the world a global village

I love the way that Seitel goes around the globe to highlight specific regions and countries and explain how public relations has made a difference, or how it is being used in that place.  In particular the way that Seitel used big business to show the developing trend of Public Relations was fascinating.  The example of the McDonalds owner in Indonesia that posted a sign that stated that the owner was an indigenous Muslim Indonesian was very thoughtful.  I think that it is interesting to see how even though companies like KFC and McDonalds are American, the owners of branches throughout the world are of the local population.

It seems interesting that Public Relations is one of the most used methods to connect the world.  The way that recent trends have been developing is that wherever big business goes, public relations follows.  You would think that people would naturally be more receptive to the specific cultural needs and traditions when launching into international business, but I guess that is not the case.  However, I think that as long as there are careful and thoughtful public relations professionals to stand behind business executives and politicians, than the world should be able to get along alright.



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