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As anybody who has been following basketball the past season, you would know that the Dallas Mavericks have won their first NBA championship in the history of the franchise.  This has been a historic year for many reasons, but for many people involved with the Mavericks this has been the first.  For star players Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd, both veteran players of the league, this was the first time that they were able to hold the championship trophy.  It was an electrifying post season for the Mavericks as some of the highlights include a thorough thrashing of the Los Angeles Lakers in a 4-0 series that left the viewers of the NBA with a shocked realization.

Nobody gave the Mavericks the credit that they deserved.  When the playoffs started, many people believed that the Mavericks would not make it past the first round.  Many people credited this to the outlandish behavior of the team owner Mark Cuban.  Cuban has taken his role as team owner very seriously as he attends nearly every game, sitting right behind the team bench.  However, he has notoriously earned a reputation as an obnoxious know it all, and has been forced to pay “$1,665,000 for 13 incidents”.

It seems hard to take this guy seriously... I mean really

While his less than exceptional behavior on the hardwood court has helped to transform his persona from responsible billionaire, to nothing more than an entitled rich kid, riding off of the success of his parents.  Despite his normal tendencies to… voice his opinions to NBA officials, during the championship series he has been remarkably good.  Cuban has been reported to have been very much humbled by this experience, especially when he was surrounded by an amazing number of fans at the final game of the series in Miami.

It is interesting that Cuban would suddenly change his behavior now considering his truculent past.  However, as someone who has been wealthy since he was a college student, I think that he has finally found a way to step more gracefully into his role as a a successful NBA team owner.  I think that it is great that Cuban has finally started to calm down, which makes it much easier to enjoy him and all of his shenanigans, like racking up a $200,000 bar tab in celebrating the championship.

A reportedly $80,000 bottle of champagne, paid for by Cuban



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