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New York representative Anthony Weiner strikes again.  After getting caught a couple of weeks ago ‘sexting’ pictures of himself to a number of women politicians everywhere have been demanding for his resignation from his office.  Weiner has refused to step down, and has continued to try to serve out the remainder of his term.  However, this morning TMZ released new photos that show Weiner in a number of sexually suggestive poses in the House of Representatives gym.

One of the more tame photos on TMZ, Weiner continues to flaunt his body for the world to see

Wiener seems to be one of many celebrities to be caught up in a wave of technology based sexual scandals that have become a trend as of late.  It is unfortunate that somebody that has been elected by their peers to succumb to this kind of sophomoric behavior.  By stooping to this unethical behavior, Weiner and any other politicians that become involved with sexual scandals degrade the very idea of holding public office.  It is behavior like this that contributes to the loss of faith that many Americans have revealed through polls.

One of the most disturbing things about this new batch of photos of Representative Weiner is that these pictures were taken after he had already been caught the first time.  It is as if Weiner has not taken any of the advice or the demands for his resignation from his fellow Representatives seriously.  This kind of behavior makes it seem as if he thinks that he is above the code of behavior that is expected from a leader.  While many may quote the first amendment to Weiner’s defense, when you hold a position of leadership among your peers, then a certain behavior is expected from you.  If you are supposed to be leading a specific group, or in this case representing, then it is imperative that you hold yourself to a higher standard than you would of those that you represent.

I am not naive enough to believe that political leaders are above the kinds of scandals that normal voters are subject to, but it is alarming that Weiner is almost trying to get caught.  When you post something to the Internet, there is no guarantee that it will stay private.  The whole purpose of the Internet is to spread information with both speed and ease, so why an individual would put the future of their career at the trust of a device that is engineered to spread information as quickly as possible is simply dumbfounding.  If you are going to do something that the general public would not approve of, then don’t flaunt it in their face by having evidence of your debauchery posted on TMZ.

Here are the rest of the photos: be warned some may be offensive


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  1. Hi Brandon! I love your writing style for this piece! … and the topic itself is one I’ve also written about. You are so funny and make some very good points about the irony surrounding some of the politicians (who are held to an upstanding character standard, as they are the faces that represent and serve our country) as participating in some of the most immoral and, in this case, scandals. It is nothing short of comical that Weiner sent more pictures after being caught in the act the first time. It’s a wonder what goes through the mind of somebody who does something like that. Hopefully, this is an example of what happens when employers do not listen to their public relations team, because it would make for an even more ridiculous story if nobody was on strict crises control over this “debauchery”. Even after all of the bad press, having the President suggest that he step down, and his disgraced public image, Weiner is shameless in continuing to casually talk to the press whenever they feel like turning the spotlight on him. In this case, it’s curious that Weiner so willingly speaks to the cameras even as he is on the street sidewalk after getting his morning coffee and it begs the question whether this is all just for the publicity. Otherwise, what does Weiner exactly gain from never physically meeting any of these women when there are plenty of other outlets for him to covertly sleeze his way through life. Oh! And I love the picture you posted!

  2. I love the “covertly sleeze his way through life” hahaha. But I am a little relieved that he has finally stepped down! He definitely is a strange individual for never meeting these women like you pointed out. Personally, I don’t understand taking the risk by sending those pictures without getting any kind of return out of it, but maybe that is why I am never going to be holding political office?

  3. Brandon, I agree with you 100%. The root of the problem with New York representative Anthony Weiner is really not about the inappropriate texts and pictures. While that behavior is extremely immature and stupid for a person in his position, what he did was not illegal. The problem is that his character is compromised by the fact that he lied about the activity when the story hit the news and that he continued to engage in ‘sexting’ after things came to light. He defiantly refused to see the real issue and I don’t think he can rebound from this scandal until he takes a hard look at what his mishandling of this situation says about him as a person. It’s not uncommon for politicians to find themselves in scandal, but they key to moving forward is addressing the actual issue.

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