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Consumerism… what a great topic.  In recent years America has become synonymous with that one word.  Twenty years ago the first word that was used to describe America would probably have been something like freedom or democracy.  As the 21st century has continued, so have the consumeristic trends.  Gone are the days of saving every cent for a rainy day, and I would love to see the response to a Government issued rationing program like they used in World War II.  However, I don’t really see the harm in trying to indulge a little.  People work hard for the money that they make, and they are entitled to spend it on whatever they want.

Just as Seitel says in this chapter, the nation has turned once again to the Internet as a new method of shopping and continuing the consumerist trend.  I think that it is imperative to realize that the culture of America has changed, people are judged by their peers by what clothes they put on their bodies, the shoes that cover their feet, the car that they drive, where they vacation, etc.  As long as organizations like the Justice Department and the FTC  continue to protect the consumer from corporate greed then I say full speed ahead.  Leaders like John F. Kennedy have proven that they do care about protecting individuals from the wrongdoings of corporations.

At the same time, the same leaders have effectively cemented in place a style that has been deemed ‘timeless and classic’.  In his memory, John F. Kennedy is known for his love for sailing, his affair with Marilyn Monroe, and his impecable ‘preppy’ style that lives on today through stores like Polo Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, and Sperry Topsider.

An icon in every sense of the word, JFK represents the epitome of the preppy style sought after by so many today

As far as consumer spending is concerned, it is a great way to stimulate the economy.  It creates jobs and oportunities for thousands with each new trend that emerges as the latest and greatest.  America has adapted to the age of the Internet, and the legislature to regulate the trend of spending is sure to follow after.

United States of Consumerism, is it really such a bad thing?


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