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It is reported that Ilyas Kashmiri, one of Al-Queda’s top operatives has been terminated by a US drone attack.  Kashmiri has been rumored to have been in the running to replace Osama bin Laden as the leader of Al-Queda.  Unfortanately, the US government is not confirming his actual death, but it has been reported in an intercepted fax that Kashmiri has been officially ‘martyred’.  Kashmiri has a fearsome track record that qualifies his status as potential runner up to bin Laden including linkings to the 2008 siege of Mumbai, as well as responsible for many threats and planned attacks against a Dutch owned news paper in response to the cartoons that depicted the prophet Muhammad.  Ilyas Kashmiri was definitely a feared man, and the US government as well as the Pakistani government thought that he was a legitimate enough threat to be placed on their targeted lists.  Kashmiri has also been linked to the recent assault on a naval base in the past month, as well as the gruesome mastermind behind many raids on the Pakistani police.  Perhaps the most chilling milestone on Kashmiri’s fearsome track record was his involvement in the planning of the failed assassination attempt on the past Pakistani president, Pervezz Musharaff in 2003.  Such a dastardly individual that stands in the way of bringing peace to the middle east.  While American soldiers are sacrificing their lives to attempt to bring better fortunes and democratic ideals to these distant countries, sinister individuals like Kashmiri are responsible for inhibiting such progress.  Desperately trying to hold on to their tyrannical power, these men use fearful and murderous tactics to prevent peace from reaching the middle east.  It is heartening to know that such a powerful man, in such an evil organization has been brought to justice.  For more information on the death of Ilyas Kasmiri click this link




Posted June 4, 2011 by Thinking&Drinkin in PR Connections

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