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At the risk of being that dreaded individual that can only talk about his fraternity, I want to dedicate this post to my fraternity brothers who will be embarking on the 2011 Journey of Hope.

Ian Kowalski, Michael Flemming, Wes Clarkson, and Nicholas Laing-Meason… this is for you.  The Journey of Hope is one of the most important fundraising event that Push America sponsors.  Push America is the national philanthropy for the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi.  It is the only philanthropy to be run and managed by a fraternity.

Push America, a truly inspirational organization

Push America is dedicated to promoting knowledge about children with disabilities, as well as raising money to help aid those affected by their disabilities.  The Journey of Hope is a bicycle ride across the entire country.  The ride is roughly 4,000 miles and it begins next week.  There will be three teams riding the North, South, and Trans America routes.  These teams will start from both Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA and will ultimately meet in Washington D.C. on August 12th.  The men who have decided to devote their entire summer to this wonderful cause are all college undergraduates (or seniors who just graduate) that are members of the fraternity.  The cyclists are required to raise at least $5,000 dollars and the crew members are required to raise $2,500 dollars.  All of the money that is raised from this trip is put right back into the organization to help fund it’s activities for the next year, as well as donate to various charities and organizations.  The cyclists will ride an averaged 80 miles a day, and if that wasn’t enough, at the end of a long day’s ride they visit local charities or clinics to complete what is called a ‘friendship visit’.  On these friendship visits, the members of the JOH team dance, sing, play sports, swim, build arts and crafts, and just hang out with children that are afflicted with disabilities.  The main goal of the trip is not to inspire sympathy, but to encourage empathy for these children.  It is simply fascinating to witness first hand the pure excitement and enthusiasm that these children bring to every aspect of their lives, and it is downright inspirational.  If you want more information on the trip, or the scheduled itinerary then click here, here, or here.

Eric Galdo and Joey Haynes, two brothers who have recently completed the Journey of Hope


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