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Mitt Romney is officially running for president as of June 2nd 2011.  This is an exciting moment for Republicans and Conservatives everywhere given Romney’s successful political background as the governor of Michigan.  During his time in office Romney was able to successfully cut the states $3 Billion dollar deficit  without raising taxes, as well as signed legislation that helped organize a new form of health care.  In 2008 Romney ultimately lost to John McCain, a candidate who’s more experienced political career and veteran status were considered enough to battle the youth and charisma of Barack Obama.  However, we all know that that plan didn’t really go as planned and Republicans everywhere are crossing their fingers hoping to get one of their own into the White House.  Naturally the coverage is completely different from different websites.  While Fox News offers a more inspirational and uplifting spin on the story, MSNBC depicts Romney as a cocky and disrespectful individual.

Fox News was very favorable of Romney's decision to run

CNN is much more unbiased, which is evident in the fact that it posts the longest article with the most facts.  This makes sense, as CNN is known as the middle ground in which Americans can gather around for unbiased and truthful news coverage.  The editors at CNN promote this reputation by diving deep into Romney’s political and private sector background, explaining the significance of Romney announcing his eligibility for presidency in New Hampshire as a strategic move.

As expected CNN remains neutral, leaving their readers to make their own informed choices

MSNBC, a notoriously left wing news source is quick to pounce on Romney’s criticism of Obama.  Statements like, “blistering critique of President Barack Obama” litter the article contributing to the general disapproval of the political candidate.  It is natural that MSNBC would be harsh on the front runner of the presidential campaign.  With the economy leaving many Americans in a state of fear, the presidential election of 2012 is going to be very bitter and competitive.  MSNBC is quick to comment on Romney’s political “flip flopping” already, something that foreshadows a long year of campaigning for all candidates.  however, MSNBC is the only website that offers the full video of Romney’s speech on the same page as their article.  I’m not entirely sure why they would do that, considering that neither Fox or CNN does so.

MSNBC already launches their campaign against Romney

While CNN and Fox both offer the video of the announcement on their respective websites, it is not on the same page as the article.  Either way, all three websites live up to their generally perceived political stance through their coverage of Mitt Romney’s decision to run for president.

Fox News article:

CNN article:

MSNBC article:


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