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Chapter 16 begins just as many of Seitel’s start, with an interesting and well thought out introduction to the content of the chapter.  This chapter was all about the differences of writing for the ear and the eye.  By beginning his chapter with a careful historical analysis of how specifically tailored writing can help to promote a healthy career or company, Seitel clearly informs his reader of his vast knowledge on the subject.  I found a special interest on the section that discussed writing for the eye.  I think that the Media Kit was a very interesting subject.  Rarely do people think about all of the research and the effort that is put into the publications that companies, political candidates, or local businesses produce.  I believe that one of the most underrated forms of Media Kits by far is the biography pages.  Seitel points out the ignorance of most by listing the many forms of biographies and how an informal biography can attract a more casual audience than how a formal address can conduct a more professional response.  Personally, I can relate to this thought process, just think to anybody that has created a Facebook or Myspace profile- any kind of online personality page actually.  When using an online profile as a representation of self, much thought and care needs to be involved in the construction of the biography.  While many people don’t put much thought into creating an online identity, it comes naturally.  Just think of what Facebook uses for their profile page- they encourage you to put as much (or as little) information into your profile that you want to use.  There are sections for religion, political views, personal views, hobbies, favorite books and musicians, and everything else under the sun.  With such an intricate online identity, the millions of people that use Facebook on a daily basis gain a more in depth knowledge of the importance of writing for the eye without even realizing it.

Have you constructed your own biography yet?


Posted May 31, 2011 by Thinking&Drinkin in Reading Notes

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