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It is always a good idea to fully discuss all components of a particular topic before engaging on the specifics.  Just as in telling a story, the listener should know the background information so that they understand what was significant or important about the story.  Seitel does just that in the 3rd chapter of his book.  Fittingly titled, “Communication”, it sparks a somewhat vague feeling in the reader.  However, he immediately combines public relations with the important field of communication.  Having never taken  the Communication Theory class, I am not familiar with many of the specific points of different communication theories.  I especially enjoyed Seitel’s section on the traditional and contemporary comm theories.  By adding a specific section of different communication theories, Seitel is promoting effective communication himself.  Many of the theories agree that one of the founding facets of effective communication is to build awareness.  Personally, I believe that the communication theory coined by Pat Jackson is one of the most effective and useful.  Jackson stresses a 5 step plan that is thorough, as well as simple.  It encourages promoting an awareness about the desired affect, taking information about the public view, devising and launching an event that would spark the desired affect among the public, more information to see if the event worked as planned, and then the final results.  This method promotes both communication with the public, but more importantly communication within the company.  In order to take information and research in the field, the people in charge of the study present their findings to their coworkers.  Then for planning the actual event, there is tons of communication that would exchange.  Those responsible for establishing the event would communicate with the people who conducted the research, as well as the supervisor to ensure that the desired effect is accomplished.  This open flow of communication would help the group come together, and help to ensure a successful event.  Just like in sports, communication is everything.  Legendary basketball coach John Wooden constantly stressed that communication combined with hard work is critical to a winning basketball team.

One of the greatest coaches in basketball history, John Wooden sits among the many awards he won


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