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“There is no substitute for clear and precise language in informing, motivating, and persuading”, Fraser Seitel. I can not think of anything that I agree with more.  Upon reading Mr. Seitel’s book, I have found myself forming my own opinion that does not always agree with his.  However, this is something that we both agree upon.  I think that it is imperative of anybody who wants to lead a successful life to know how to write well.  I am pursuing a degree in Literature as well as Media Communications to help ensure that I can write as well as possible.  Writing well is one of the founding principles that make up effective communication.  As the chapter continued, I was shocked by the continued stress of simplicity,  Seitel argues again and again the importance of avoiding long flowing sentences that could cause confusion.  In particular, I thought that the section on the Inverted Pyramid was very interesting.  The notion that the main point of the article should be in the beginning is crucial to making a good piece of writing.  The section of news releases was very interesting.  I did not realize that news releases were so common.  In my fraternity, I have actually written a few news releases to promote some of our philanthropy events.  Given that these events are held in Myers Park, there is a strong sense of local importance.  When writing my release, I was careful to make sure that I was direct, formal, and above all brief.  I realize that as a student writing to a professional, that their time is more valuable than mine and they don’t have to help you.  By acknowledging this fact, and ensuring that I included all of the neccesary details like location and date, as well as what the event was and where the money raised would be donated to, I was able to successfully attract the attention of the local news.  It was great, because they sent out a local news crew to cover our Scaffold Sit.

Here is a link to a video that was shot by one of the fraternity adminsitrators that was submitted to the news.


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