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I pride myself as somebody who truly does love to learn new things.  I think that it is our job to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that we have been provided with by being able to attend a four year university that really cares about our growth and development.  It is my belief that whole point to going to college is to better equip yourself for your career after you earn your degree.  What better way to learn than from the past?  I particularly enjoyed chapter 2 because of the in depth exploration of the birth of the field of public relations.  I can only imagine how difficult it would be to start a new field of business, especially for something as vague as public relations.  Even now, when it is supposed to be a legitimate career field, people still have a hard time defining exactly what it is that they do.  Success is even harder to measure, which would be difficult for any business in the time of the Captains of Industry.  With Capitalist titans like Rockefeller, Morgan, and Vanderbilt it would be difficult to try to sell the idea of including the public opinion as a part of business strategy.  However, I cannot help but cringe at the general memory of Rockefeller.

Devilish Capitalist or Beloved Philanthropist?

Even today, many are willing to cast him into a population of men that are to be hated.  People remember Rockefeller as a greedy and selfish man.  I simply hate that very notion.  How can you say that a man who has started the very idea of philanthropy, and whose millions of dollars have founded colleges, combated and eradicated sickness, and provided for World War I relief for countless citizens be remembered as evil?? While Rockefeller may not have been very skilled at dealing with the public during his life, and I am not saying that he was very nice, but doesn’t his legacy live on past his own life?  His contributions shine through the unfair description of selfishness and callousness even today through the schools that he founded and the family members of those who descended from men and women that were cured of hookworm and yellowfever by his contributions.  Had Rockefeller had access to a skilled public relations team, then his legacy would not have such a bitter after taste to it.

A fitting lasting legacy


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  1. Brandon,
    I could not agree more with you, about your feelings on the hate for Rockefeller. Even though many had a negative opinion about this man, his legacy lives on very famously in the business world. Many business owns tend to look more in the past to try to get a forecast for the future of a particular business. Even though the man was a little antisocial, I think he had wonderful business skill. I think you have an excellent post, and good for you for sticking up for what you believe by thinking outside the box!

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