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1. The main Publics of Queens: Student body, Parents of the students, Alumni, Donors/Trustees, Faculty, and the Staff

2. Internal Audiences: Student body, Faculty, Staff

External Audiences: Parents, Alumni, Donors/Trustees

3. Student Body– The multiple Facebook profiles and Twitter pages that are all devoted to spreading information about Queens.  Queens has a great website as well.  These are the ways that Queens communicates to students.  the students communicate to the university through the multiple surveys that students take, like residence life surveys as well as at the end of a class.

Faculty/ Staff- The Faculty and Staff make great use of the medium email.  Email is used actively by both parties to express concerns or questions.  The second most utilized method would be the telephone.  Whether it is office phones or cell phones, members of the Queens administration can be quickly reached by telephone for a more direct way to talk than emails.  Due to the working relationship, and the speed of passing information, there is no set preference for communication.

Parents/ Alumni- The best way to communicate with the parents of students is through the website.  With the new layout of the website, there is a large availability of information that parents can peruse through at their own pace.  Should the parents have any concerns, there are any number of people that Queens encourages them to talk to.  I know that Dean Downey himself offers his own time on a regular basis to talk to parents.

Donors/Trustees- Queens places a much higher emphasis on their Donors and Board of Trustee members because it is a private University so it depends on this demographic group that provides the financial support for the University.  Queens sends out newsletters to their donors, and the university often holds fundraising dinners in which members of the University administration will address in person what changes have been happening in and around the campus.

4.  I am currently part of the student population at Queens


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  1. Brandon, I think this is supposed to be your lab 2. Lab 2 should be submitted on Moodle. Is this accurate?

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